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Announcing the 42nd Suita Festival ("Suita SAI")

2013-10-28 (Mon) - 2013-11-5 (Tue)

Ever since Osaka University moved to Suita city, the "SUITA SAI" [Suita Festival] has been an annual event. This year will be the 42nd SUITA SAI, an exciting and fun-filled parade of events! Everyone is invited to attend! An event especially targeted at students is the ongoing athletic meet spanning nearly a month, but in the "core week" there will also be lectures, a movie, rakugo [comic story telling], photo exhibitions, tea ceremony, a chamber concert, and more!

Local citizens, the Suita Sai is full of events that you can enjoy! Although many of the activities are on weekdays thereby making it difficult for working people to attend, you're sure to find it worth your while to come to the Suita campus on one of the beautiful autumn days during the Suita Sai!

Major events:

  • Rakugo (featuring KATSURA Danjiro,  TSUKITEI Hosei (YAMASAKI Hosei), KATSURA Shuncho)
  • Movie -- Les Misérables
  • Lecture -- "Another future: Will midorimushi [euglena] save the Earth?"
  • Chamber Music Concert
  • Photo Exhibition
  • and more! Admission is free! No need to register -- just come!

Date: 2013-10-28 (Mon) - 2013-11-5 (Tue)
Organizer: Steering Committee for the 42nd Suita Sai
Venue: The portion of the Suita campus occupied by the School and Graduate School of Engineering
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: Steering Committee for the 42nd Suita Sai

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