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Student Exchange & Interdisciplinary Research and Education Seminar

2013-10-25 (Fri) - 2013-10-27 (Sun)

The 5th Student Exchange & Interdisciplinary Research and Education Seminar is being held for three days from Friday, October 25 through Sunday, October 27.
In addition to faculty and students from the University of Tsukuba and Waseda University (who participated last year) students and staff from other universities will be joining this year. Joint discussions and presentations in many areas will be held. Expand your viewpoint through exchange with other university students! Please note that presentations will be conducted in English because international students will also be attending. Students who don't usually have a chance to speak English are strongly encouraged to participate. Graduate students are cordially welcome. However, registration is necessary.

On Friday, October 25, participants will meet on the Suita campus at 4:00 p.m. and go to the Seminar venue by bus. On Sunday, October 27, this event will finish at 11:20 a.m.; however, if desired, participants can return to the camps by bus.
For information about the schedule, view the back page of the leaflet. Portions of the schedule may be modified.

How to apply: Please send your (1) name, (2) name of your school or department, (3) year in university, (4) student number, and (5) email address to

No admission fee is needed to attend this seminar.

Application deadline: Wednesday, October 16

All participants are required to participate in the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research insurance plan. This insurance is a nationwide system to indemnify students for the number of days that treatment is needed for injury incurred during regular curricular activities, extra curricular activities, or while commuting to and from university. All students attending will be required to participate in this insurance plan.

Date: 2013-10-25 (Fri) - 2013-10-27 (Sun)
Organizer: Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Venue: Cosmosquare Hotel and Congress (Nanko, Osaka)
Registration: Registration by email is required.
Contact: Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education

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