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Human Cinema Festival 2013

2013-10-5 (Sat) - 2013-10-6 (Sun)

Thanks to support from the "Aeon 1% Club," Aeon Entertainment Ltd. will be showing at no charge two movies that address the world refugee problem, an event aptly named "Human Cinema Festival." Moreover, in this same festival, thanks to support from the Japan office of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) the movies shown this year throughout Japan are two very highly acclaimed movies: ‪For a Moment Freedom, an award-wining film by Arash T. Riahi‬ and the award-winning Le Havre ‪by Aki Kaurismäki‬. These two films will be show at 30 Aeon cinemas throughout Japan. (For more information, please peruse the attached flyer.)

Thanks to the cooperation of Aeon Cinema Ibaraki, a talk event requested by GLOCOL will follow the showing of the two films at that location.

Date: 2013-10-5 (Sat) - 2013-10-6 (Sun)
Organizer: UNHCR
Venue: Aeon Cinema Ibaraki
Registration: Registration by email is requested. See instructions in flyer.
Contact: Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL), Osaka University

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