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Entrants for "GLOCOL Presentation Contest 2011" being sought (Deadline: 11/20)

2011-11-10 (Thu) - 2011-11-21 (Mon)

As a first step toward achieving GLOCOL's goal of "From learning to the real world," the "GLOCOL Presentation Contest 2011" has been scheduled. Undergraduate students and graduate students, this is your chance to give concrete advice to society based on what you have learned in actual situations in Japan and overseas (FIELDO). 

Following upon sincere proposals from you, it's certainly possible that GLOCOL or the university will reflect upon what has been done/supported, and will support your efforts and inform society of your ideas. Moreover, by means of your presentations, the judges will be able to provide you with practical advice. Please take part in this contest and give it your best effort!

THEME for Presentations

  • Proposal from FIELDO: "In order to live in modern society together, we…"

Time Limit

  • Maximum time limit of 10 minutes -- for both individual and group presentations

Presentation Format

  • Movie, slide show, oral (speech), skit, etc. (Use the format best suited to your topic.)

Conditions for being a participant:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students of Osaka University
  • Enrollment in or interest in an advanced major program of GLOCOL.
  • Individual and group presentations, both are possible.
How to apply (deadline is November 20)

Download the application from the URL noted below. Fill it out and return it to

For additional details, visit GLOCOL's web page noted below.

Contest is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2011, from 4:30 ~ 6:40 (in the class "The World is Now")

Date: 2011-11-10 (Thu) - 2011-11-21 (Mon)
Organizer: Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL), Osaka University
Venue: Lecture Room 302, Liberal Arts Research Bldg., Toyonaka campus
Registration: Online registration is required. Go to the URL noted on this page to register.
Contact: Global Collaboration Center

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