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University-Industry-Industry Business Matching Fair 2011

2011-11-9 (Wed) - 2011-11-10 (Thu)

Small- and medium-sized companies in the Hokusetsu area will open booths displaying their specialized products, technologies, and services in the University-Industry-Industry Business Matching Fair 2011. The fair will be held over the two days of Wednesday, November 9 and Thursday, November 10.

This event aims to encourage business collaboration among Osaka University, visitors to the booths, and companies participating in this event. In other words, the objectives of this event are to provide a forum for researchers to find business partners as well as provide a forum for making proposals to companies regarding joint research collaboration, funded research, trial model production and more.

Sponsored by: Northern Osaka Regional Revitalization Council, Office for University-Industry Collaboration, Settsu, Suito Shinkin Bank, Osaka Saito-Souken, Inc.

Date: 2011-11-9 (Wed) - 2011-11-10 (Thu)
Venue: Hotel Hankyu Expo Park
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: Planning and Promotion Division, Office for University-Industry Collaboration

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