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76th Conflict Studies Seminar in the Humanities -- "When legends arise"

2011-10-13 (Thu) 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The 76th Conflict Studies Seminar in the Humanities: Global COE Program, A Research Base for Conflict Studies in the Humanities -- "When legends arise" will be held on Thursday, October 13.

Legends, "folk tales," are fictitious oral narratives that open and end with stock phrases and which deal with unspecified characters and places. However, in the modern world with its variety of media, the way and role of handing down folk tales has changed drastically, causing the foundation of conventional folklore research to falter. Research on folklore seems to be on its way out from research on folkloristics and storytelling. Looking back to the early Showa Period, the earliest days of folklore research, folk tale research rose strongly in association with fields such as research in dialect and Japanese language instruction.

In this seminar, based on activities by the Dialect Study Group at Kokugakuin University, the study of dialects from its inception to its establishment as an academic field will be introduced. While viewing research possibilities, participants will be introduced to current and future folklore research, folkloristics, and storytelling.

Lecturer: TAKAGI Fumito,  Professor, Department of Educare, Faculty of Human Life and Sciences, Nagoya Keizai University

Brief bio of Prof. TAKAGI

His specialties: Japanese literature, storytelling, and folkloristics

His recent theses:

  • "Kaidan no Kaidan" [Steps of Scary Stories] in Gakko no Kaidan wa Sasayaku [Whispering Scary Stories about Schools], edited by ICHIYANAGI Hirotaka Seikyusha, 2005
  • "Yarokamizu Densetsu Gojitsutan" [Follow-up to Yarokamizu Legend], Storytelling Studies #30, Society for Folk-Narrative Research of Japan, 2007
  • "Shisotoshite no Mukashibanashishu" [Collection of Folk Tales as an Idea], Collection of Theses on Humanities, #84, Humanities Study Group, Nagoya Keizai University, 2009
  • "Dialect Research and Folk Tale Research -- in the case of TAKADA Juro," Storytelling Studies, #332010
  • "Sorani Niteiru Monogatari" [A Story resembling the Sky], Literary Girls Series and The Tale of Genji, Collection of Theses on Humanities, #84, to be published soon

Discussant: MANABE Masayoshi, Associate professor, The University of Kitakyushu

Moderators: YAMAGUCHI Ryota & MIURA Shiori, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

Venue: Conference Room, 2nd floor, Machikaneyama Hall, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University (#35 on the map)

Admission to this seminar is free.

Date: 2011-10-13 (Thu) 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, FURUKAWA Takeshi

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