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13th Manga Café -- Gag Manga!

2011-10-9 (Sun) 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

In line with a special exhibition at the Kyoto International Manga Museum, the "Manga Artist Akatsuka Fujio's 'University' Exhibition," the 13th Manga Café will be held on Sunday, October 9.  In this café, participants will discuss gag manga.

Gag manga has been an important category since the birth of manga, or perhaps we should say that gag manga is where it all started. That's why gag manga has spread and continues to change.

AKATSUKA Fujio, in particular, brought about a drastic change in Japanese gag manga. With manga characters that had strong personalities, a unique sense of language, and with surreal manga stories, he totally changed the concept of conventional gag manga.

Focusing on the work of AKATSUKA Fujio, participants will examine the history of gag manga and its recent trends. Come and tell us what you love about manga, your favorite manga, your favorite manga authors, and your favorite gags!


  • KURAMOCHI Kayoko, Researcher, Kyoto International Manga Museum
  • INOMATA Noriko, Researcher, Kyoto International Manga Museum

Cafe masters

  • ITO Yu, Researcher, International Manga Research Center, Kyoto Seika University
  • KINSUI Satoshi, Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University

Note: Originally, the date for this cafe was Saturday, October 8; however, it has been rescheduled to Sunday, October 9.

Organized by: Center for the Study of Communication-Design, Osaka University, Dance Box

Sponsored by: Art Area B1 -- Osaka University, Dance Box, Keihan Electric Railway

In cooperation with: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, International Manga Center, Kyoto Seika University, NPO recip (Regional Culture Information and Projects)

Date: 2011-10-9 (Sun) 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Art Area B1 (Concorse, 1st basement, Naniwabashi Station, Keihan Nakanoshima Line
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: Center for the Study of Communication-Design,Osaka University

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