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Make the World your Stage -- Approaches by the UN, NGOs, Companies, and Universities for Nurturing Global Personnel

2011-10-2 (Sun) 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL) will hold a symposium, "Make the World your Stage -- Approaches by the UN, NGOs, Companies, and Universities for Nurturing Global Personnel" on Sunday, October 2.

Although there is a great demand for persons who can be active on an international stage, the number of young people who don't wish to study or work abroad is increasing and analysts have called attention to their inward-looking attitude. Of course, this may be in part because it's hard to establish connections overseas or find something you really want to do.

In any case, there are Japanese who are active internationally in companies, the United Nations, and international NGOs. It is hoped that this seminar will present an opportunity for young people to be inspired by upperclass role models and that the number of Japanese active on the international stage will increase in the future.

In this symposium, specialists from a variety of fields will talk about the meaning and purpose of working internationally. Approaches at Osaka University will be introduced and students who have participated in overseas field study programs will speak about their experiences.

High school students are also invited to attend this symposium.


Part 1: Science Hall, 5th floor, Senri Life Science Center (Near the exit of Senri Chuo subway station)

Part 2: Conference Room, 8th floor

No admission fee is required from those attending this seminar; however, registration is required.

How to apply: Please send (1) your name, (2) the name of the institution you belong to, and the (3) name of the seminar that you want to participated in to:

Space permitting, persons who have not registered in advance may be admitted.

Sponsored by: Global Collaboration Center

In cooperation with: Minoh City, Minoh Board of Education


Part 1: Symposium (1:00 ~ 3:00 p.m.)

  • Keynote Speech, "Changing the World through BoP [Base of the Pyramid] Business," ODA Kanetoshi, Representative director & chairperson, Nippon Poly-Glu Co., Ltd.
  • Panel Discussion: "Working for the United Nations and NGOs"
        • SEYA Rumiko, Bureau chief, Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
        • YAMASHITA Mari, Director, United Nations Information Centre
  • Moderator: TSURUGA Kazuto, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University

Part 2: Student Reports (3:30 ~ 5:00 p.m.)

  • Reports from Osaka University students who participated in overseas field study programs
Date: 2011-10-2 (Sun) 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Organizer: Global Collaboration Center
Registration: Registration by email is necessary.
Contact: Global Collaboration Center

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