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An Open Call for Participants in an Agenda-Setting Panel of Citizens: "Regenerative Medical Treatment" -- "The 2010 Caravan of Careful Deliberations"

2010-9-25 (Sat) - 2010-9-26 (Sun)

The DeCoCiS Project was established in order to provide concerned citizens and specialists in technology with a platform whereby they may jointly participate in "technological assessments" on the effects of science and technology on society and the environment.

DeCoCiS stands for "Deliberation and Cooperation between Citizens and Scientists" and it is with deliberation and cooperation in mind that a call has been made for members of the general public to come forward and be a part of the "2010 Caravan of Careful Deliberations" that will deliberate on the topic of regenerative medical treatments, treatments involving iPS cells [induced pluripotent stem cells] and related technologies. Regenerative medical treatment technologies, treatments at the forefront of modern medicine, possess the possibility of greatly affecting society, of causing effects not foreseen by specialists. That is to say, one cannot deny that blind spots can afflict specialists and it is for this reason that the viewpoints of citizens, persons involved in everyday life, are being sought for the 2010 Caravan of Careful Deliberations.

Incidentally, the 2010 Caravan of Careful Deliberations is holding "science cafés" around Japan, and the opinions received at those will be deliberated on by an agenda-setting panel of citizens and specialists who will distill such opinions into policy proposals.

Details regarding the holding of the 2010 Caravan at Osaka University are:

  • Date and Time: Saturday, September 25, 11:00 a.m. ~ Sunday, September 26, 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Toyonaka campus, Osaka University
  • Number of participants being sought: 9
  • Deadline for applications: Friday, August 13

Persons interested being a part of the agenda-setting panel are invited to learn more about the DeCoCiS Project and make application via the links below:

For additional information or questions, contact:

Communication Design Center


Education and Research Bldg. 1

Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice

1-16 Machikaneyama-cho

Toyonaka, Osaka, 560-0043

TEL: 06-6850-6632
FAX: 06-4865-0121

Date: 2010-9-25 (Sat) - 2010-9-26 (Sun)
Organizer: DeCoCiS Project
Registration: Registration online is necessary. Please go to the URL below to register.
Contact: Science Shop (attn: Kasuga)

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