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10th International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control 2010 -- ISMQC2010, Osaka

2010-9-5 (Sun) - 2010-9-9 (Thu)

The 10th International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control 2010 -- ISMQC2010, Osaka -- is being held at Osaka University's Convention Center from Sunday, September 5 through Thursday, September 9.

The International Symposium on Measurement and Quality Control (ISMQC) is one of the most important scientific events, normally held once every two or four years. The aim of the symposium is to present the evolution of manufacturing metrology and quality management, to identify implications for science, industry and engineering and to highlight new techniques of measurement at the international level. ISMQC brings together researchers, developers and users to discuss theoretical and experimental research, their applications and future trends relevant to measurement, optical metrology, and quality management.
ISMQC is supported by IMEKO-Technical Committee (TC14) on Measurement of Geometrical Quantities. The ISMQC series has been organized successfully eight times since its inception. Special emphasis will be on innovative and quality research work and applied scientific results. Novel methods and technologies, intelligent measuring techniques in various fields of application, including Engineering, Science, Medicine, and Biology, will also be covered. This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for the presentation of achievements and also provide a forum for interaction and exchange of ideas among participants from universities, leading research institutions, and industries from various parts of the globe. The symposium will provide a chance to share 21st century technology and to develop effective cooperation among countries.

In addition to general lectures, there will be special lectures by well-known researchers from overseas, company displays, factory tours, and more. 
You are sure to find this symposium of great interest. Make a point to get your application in today! For more detailed information on this symposium, go here.

Organized by by: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University; Technical Committee for Intelligent Nano-Measure, JSPE
In cooperation with: Korean Society for Precision Engineering (KSPE); Chinese Society for Measurement (CSM)
In association with: The International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO); Technical Committee TC14 Measurement of Geometrical Quantities, IMEKO; The Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE)

Financial Support from: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau; Mazak Foundation; OElecto-Mechanic Technology Advancing Foundation; The Precise Measurement Technology Promotion Foundation

  • Registration can be made here.
  • ISMQC2010 is seeking companies wishing to participate in company displays.

Date: 2010-9-5 (Sun) - 2010-9-9 (Thu)
Venue: Convention Center, Osaka University, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, Japan
Contact: ISMQC Organizing Committee

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