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Experience Entering the University -- School of Engineering Science

2010-7-24 (Sat) - 2010-8-10 (Tue)

The School of Engineering Science has set up a course designed for high school students to experience what it's like to enter a university.

The various classes will be held at the School of Engineering Science on the Toyonake Campus on the following dates:

  • Saturday, July 24
  • Wednesday, July 28
  • Friday, July 30
  • Saturday, July 31
  • Friday, August 6
  • Tuesday, August 10

Date: 2010-7-24 (Sat) - 2010-8-10 (Tue)
Organizer: School of Engineering Science
Venue: School of Engineering Science, Toyonaka campus
Registration: Required (by email) -- see address below
Contact: Computer & Software Course Office. For other classes, please view the above URL.

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