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3rd Interdisciplinary Education Symposium

2010-1-25 (Mon) - 2010-1-26 (Tue)

Talking about interdisciplinary education to nurture multiple and interdisciplinary viewpoints

The 3rd Interdisciplinary Education Symposium will be held on January 25 and 26, 2010. This symposium aims to promote a general understanding of interdisciplinary education at Osaka University graduate schools and an understanding of the concepts and diversity of interdisciplinary education at other university graduate schools. In this symposium, we will examine the purposes, significance, and applications of interdisciplinary education and exchange opinions about the management and operation of organizations implementing advanced minor programs.

1st day -- Lectures and panel discussion

Date & time: January 25 (Monday), 2010, 10:00 a.m. ~ 7:30 p.m. (Registration starts at 9:30)

Venue: Icho Hall, Suita Campus, Osaka University

Intended for: Faculty, staff, and students


  • Lectures on interdisciplinary education initiatives at Osaka University
  • Field-traversing education and interdisciplinary education at the graduate schools of other universities
  • Panel discussion by Osaka University and faculty from other universities 

* There will be an opinion exchange session with lecturers. Faculty and staff interested in interdisciplinary education are cordially invited to this symposium.

2nd day -- Management and operation practical workshop for Advanced minor programs

Date & time: January 26 (Tuesday), 1:00 ~ 4:30 p.m.

Venue: Icho Hall, Suita Campus, Osaka University

Intended for: Faculty and staff belonging to organizations implementing or planning advanced minor programs, as well as faculty and staff of the university


  • Examination of management and operation of advanced minor programs based on reports from organizations implementing advanced minor programs
  • Clarifying questions regarding operation methods
  • Exchanging information about management and operation of advanced minor programs


  1. Explanation about information related to advanced minor programs by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
  2. A practical workshop in the management and operation of advanced minor programs

Session 1: Segregation of duties of faculty and staff, report on annual duties and information exchange

Session 2: Opinion exchange regarding measures to encourage students to enroll in programs

* It is hoped that these symposium will be helpful for day-to-day operations.

Date: 2010-1-25 (Mon) - 2010-1-26 (Tue)
Sponsored: The Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Venue: Icho Hall, Suita Campus, Osaka University
Registration: Not necessary.
Contact: For more information or questions, contact: Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education

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