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ISER Seminar on October 5, 2009 -- Till Marco von Wachter (Columbia)

2009-10-5 (Mon) 3:30 p.m. -

ISER Seminars are open to the public.

Registration in advance is not necessary.
This seminar is in English. Regretfully no translation service is available.

This seminar is hosted by the Institute of Social and Economic Research and the Global COE Program "Human Behavior and Socioeconomic Dynamics."


Speaker: Till Marco von Wachter (Columbia)
Thesis title: The Labor Supply Effect of Unemployment Insurance after Mass Layoffs: Structural Estimation and Regression Discontinuity Evidence
Thesis file: The thesis file will be available for download at the ISER site.


Sponsor: Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

ISER Annex 2F, Room #215, Social and Economic Research Building, Suita Campus, 6-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka 567-0047


For more information, contact: Institute of Social and Economic Research Library

Date: 2009-10-5 (Mon) 3:30 p.m. -

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