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Secure Design Forum #1 -- Certifying Individual Variations in the Healthiness of Foods

2009-9-29 (Tue) 2:00 p.m. -

Against the backdrop of increased public concern over the safety and reliability in the labeling of foods and their nutrients, how to represent such information has become an important business factor for producers. On the rise are the production of foods for local consumption, concerns over water, and preference for organically-grown or agriculture-chemical-free produce. These concerns are increasing at an accelerated pace due to anxiety over cases of the false labeling of foods as well as counterfeit and inferior food products.

In response to the mad cow disease (BSE), each cow can now be identified through a trace-back system. Furthermore, the distribution industry is proceeding in examining the introduction of technologies such as Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID).

Certainly having a "secure design" system with traceability providing valid information on the nutritional value of food and drink products is needed regarding identification, processing, and distribution of such. Such a system will assist with the risk management of producers and processors.

This forum will take a look at technology for certifying individual variations in the healthiness of foods and will be approached by focusing on the value of information regarding the safety of foods and their nutrients.



2:00 - 2:15 p.m. Opening speech

NITTA Yasutsugu, professor at Graduate School of Engineering, and director at the On-site Research Center for Sustainability Design, Graduate School of Engineering

2:15 - 2:55 p.m. Keynote speech

"How long is food edible? -- Examining Expiry Dates"

USHIKUBO Kuniaki, professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture

3:00 - 3:40 p.m. Report 1

"Establishing the Value of the Healthiness of Foods through Individual Item Variation Verification Technology"

KASUGA Takemi, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

3:55 - 4:35 p.m. Special speech

"Trends in Regional Revitalization -- Citing Examples of Cooperation among Agriculture, Commerce and Industry"

KIMURA Toshiaki, Policy Planner, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

4:40 - 5:20 p.m. Report 2

"PAL System Agricultural Policies and Biodiversity Strategy"

NOMURA Kazuo, manager, Division of Direct Transaction between Producers and Consumers, PAL System, COOP

5:20 - 5:30 p.m. Closing speech

MAKINO Tomonari, visiting associate professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University and Manager, BS Development Office, Shachihata Inc.

Sponsor: Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Cooperated with: Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

Supported by: Japan Food Industry Center

Venue: Keidanren Hall, 2nd floor, Nippon Keidanren Hall, 1-3-2 Ote-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

For more information and making application to attend, go to:

For additional information or questions, contact: Secure Design Forum Office, Nikkei PR Advertising Co., Ltd.

Date: 2009-9-29 (Tue) 2:00 p.m. -

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