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2009 Annual Meeting Annual Meeting for Presenting Research Papers on History of Chemistry

2009-7-3 (Fri) - 2009-7-5 (Sun)

Field trip: July 3 (Friday), 2009 (Preregistration is required.)

Lecture & symposium: July 4 (Saturday) - 5 (Sunday), 2009

Venue: 5th floor of Comprehensive Research Building for Arts Courses, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University

Participation fee: 3,000 yen (Students: 1,000 yen [Student card required.])

(There is no charge for persons who only attend the special lecture and symposium.)

After-seminar party: 5,000 yen (Students: 3,000 yen [Student card required.])

July 3 (Friday)

13:00-17:00  Field trip: A tour of historical places important to chemistry in Osaka

--Applications are accepted through June 25--

July 4 (Saturday)

09:30  Registration

10:00-12:10  General Lectures (1)

12:10-14:00  Lunch & Museum of Osaka University tour

14:00-15:40  Special Lectures

* The History of Leaning in Osaka and Osaka University

by KANAMORI Junjiro, former director of International Institute for Advanced Studies and former president of Osaka University

* My Research on the History of Chemistry--The Birth of Chemistry in Japan

by SHIBA Tetsuo, professor emeritus at Osaka University

16:00-18:00  Symposium: History of Chemistry in Osaka

* History of Science and Technology in Osaka and Exhibition at Museum

by EGUCHI Taro, director, Museum of Osaka University

* Level of Organic Synthetic Chemistry Industry in Osaka raised by WWI

by KAMINAKA Hiroshi, former senior scientist of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

* History of Medicine Manufacturing in Dosho-machi, Osaka--Example of Tanabe Pharmaceuticals that has been in business for 300 years

by MATSUMOTO Kazuo, director of The Japanese Society for History of Pharmacy

18:00-20:00  After-seminar Party

July 5 (Sunday)

10:00-12:00  General Lectures (2)

12:00-13:00  Lunch

13:00-13:50  General Meeting

14:00~16:45  General Lectures (3)

16:45  Closing

For details, please go to the Special Web Page for 2009 Annual Meeting for Presenting Research Papers of The Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry.


Sponsor: The Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry
Supported by: The Chemical Society of Japan in cooperation with Kaitokudo for the 21st Century
Venue: Comprehensive Research Building for Arts Courses
For more information, contact: NAKAMURA Masaki, preparatory committee member of annual meeting, Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice
Date: 2009-7-3 (Fri) - 2009-7-5 (Sun)

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