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The Contours of State and Border-Crossings

2009-6-30 (Tue) 3:00 p.m. -

Reading Mother India

The Countrous of State and Border-Crossings aims at looking into how the regional powers of India, China and Russia have been depicted by reading a variety of materials.

Our first text, Mother India, published in 1927, was written by Katherine Mayo, an American, after her return from British India.

We're reading and discussing it in 5 sessions. The upcoming session will be our fourth.

In the first reading session, the outline of her visit to India as well as her activities focusing on public health were introduced. Also introduced and discussed was her opinion that Indians were addicted to sex.

In the second reading session, we examined her claim that the inequality of women in India is demonstrated by facts such as female infanticide, the low status of widows, the segregation of women, and limited access to education for women.

In the third reading session, we discussed her opinions regarding problems of the caste system and educational system.
This book has been criticized for its strong biases; however, it is a very useful book for examining the image of India which has been depicted in current Western media.

In this the fourth reading session, we will consider how such an image of India has been created and how much it has changed, while examining the revolutionary movements in India.


Theme: Part IV, Reading Mother India
Text book: Mother India by Katherine Mayo, Blue Ribbon, New York 1927
The text will be provided.


Sponsor: Contours of State Study: Research aimed at developing a new research area supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Venue: The Countours of State and Border-Crossings Project Room #602, 6th floor of comprehensive research building on the Minoh Campus of Osaka University
For more information, contact: The Countours of State and Border-Crossings Project Office
Date: 2009-6-30 (Tue) 3:00 p.m. -

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