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Workshop: Preservation of paper materials at libraries--Acid paper deterioration and its preventive measures

2009-6-12 (Fri) 1:00 p.m. -

A problem for libraries everywhere is the preservation of their materials made from or with paper. To this end, Osaka University Library will hold a workshop dealing with acid paper deterioration and measures to take in order to cope with this problem.

Acid paper deterioration became a big issue in America in the '80s. In Japan, fact-finding surveys of acid paper deterioration at national university libraries were conducted in the 1990's and a final report was submitted in 1993. However, significant measures have not been taken so far due to problems in deacidification technique and budgets.

Old materials are not the only ones affected by this deterioration; things made in the 20th century, including items made during and after WWII as well as things imported from China have the same problem. Thus, it can be said that this is an old and new problem.

In this workshop, after learning basic information about the mechanism behind acid paper deterioration, the history of and trends in deacidification will be explained. Participants can also join in hands-on practice with a hand-spray, and learn how to make simple repairs that a librarian can do before requesting for deacidification.

In addition, the pH [acid level] of paper brought in by participants will be measured in this workshop.

This workshop hopes to provide librarians with the ability and tools needed to deal with acid paper deterioration, to give them current techniques for making simple repairs. We hope for full attendance.

Lecturer: YOKOSHIMA Hiroshi, executive director, Preservation Technologies Japan

Intended for: Librarians of national and private university libraries in the Kansai area and individuals who are interested in preserving paper materials

Quota: 50 people (There is no entrance free.) The lecture includes some hands-on practice. Those who do not want to join this workshop practice are requested to let the presenter know in advance.

Workshop content:

1) Lecture: Mechanism behind acid paper deterioration, history of and trends in deacidification, and large-scale deacidification

2) Demonstration and practice

Measurement of the pH of paper brought in by participants

Hands-on practice of a bookkeeper hand-spray system

Repair practice: You will learn how to make simple repairs before deacidification.

Application: Please apply by email with the following pieces of information:

(1) Application for workshop

(2) Name

(3) Name of institute or organization you belong to

(4) Indicate whether you want to participate in the hands-on practice or not 

Application deadline: May 8 (Fri), 2009, 5:00 p.m.

(In the event that applications exceed to capacity of the venue, applicants for whom there is no space will be informed of such by email.)


Sponsor: Osaka University Library
Venue: Osaka University Main Library (former Main Library in the Toyonaka Campus)
For more information, contact: Planning staff at the Library Planning Division, Osaka University Library
Date: 2009-6-12 (Fri) 1:00 p.m. -

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