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The 16th JSCC Conference

2009-6-24 (Wed) - 2009-6-26 (Fri)

The 16th JSCC [Japan Society for Culture Collections] Conference

The Japan Society for Culture Collections (JSCC) aims to demonstrate the potential of culture collections, especially to young researchers, so that microorganism research can continue to play an important role in the life sciences. The society also aims to encourage members of academia, administrators, and society to properly value such researchers and their preservation engineers.

The JSCC holds an annual conference every year--this year is the 16th such conference. This conference includes meetings of culture collections agencies, members of the association, and general and special lectures by members. A special lecture and symposium are scheduled.

Students, regardless of whether they are members or not, can join the symposium on the last day free of charge.


Sponsor: Executive Committee of the 16th Japan Society for Culture Collections Conference
Supported by: Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering
Venue: 3rd floor of Icho Hall
For more information, contact:  Executive Committee Office of the 16th JSCC
Date: 2009-6-24 (Wed) - 2009-6-26 (Fri)

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