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COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccination Locations

There are various places where you can be vaccinated.

You can get vaccinated wherever vaccinations are available. As of June 25, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (both require 2 doses) are available in Japan, and you must receive the second dose of your vaccination where you received your first dose.

Vaccines are available for everyone at no cost.

1. Individual vaccinations at local medical facilities 

Please confirm whether medical facilities in your area are offering COVID-19 vaccinations by checking the website of medical facilities and/or information from your local municipality.

Those who have pre-existing conditions or who are worried about getting their vaccination should consult with their primary care physician.

You will need a vaccination voucher from your local municipality to receive an individual vaccination.

2. Group vaccinations in your local municipality (city/town/village)

Information on times, locations, and how to make a reservation will be announced via your local municipality. You will need a vaccination voucher to receive a group vaccination.

3. Mass vaccinations in your prefecture

Mass vaccination centers have also been set up in some prefectures. Some prefectures are currently restricting these vaccinations to certain age groups, but others have lifted these restrictions.

Residents of Osaka Prefecture who have received their vaccination voucher can be vaccinated at its mass vaccination centers.

4. Workplace vaccinations at Osaka University

OU students, faculty and staff, and other individuals working at the university are eligible for this vaccination method. Information regarding dates, times, and how to make a reservation for your vaccination are available at the URL below.

Note: You do not need a vaccination voucher from your local municipality to receive a workplace vaccination at OU. 

5. Japan’s state-run mass coronavirus vaccination centers run by Japan Self-Defense Forces

At the JSDF mass vaccination centers run by the Ministry of Defense, anyone with a vaccination voucher, regardless of residence or age, may receive a vaccination.

6. Others

  • COVID-19 vaccination centers for local residents opened by companies

Effects and side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine 

Please refer to the following information for details on effects and side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

What you need to know before, during, and after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations are in no way mandatory; they are to be taken at your own discretion.

This vaccine is effective at preventing the appearance of COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) and is also expected to prevent symptoms from becoming severe should they arise. However, if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the vaccine, we encourage you to refer to trusted information from the government and official organizations. After understanding the risks and benefits of the vaccine, it is your choice to decide whether you want to receive it or not.

We also request that you do not force others to get vaccinated or discriminate against those who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

Please continue to take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (wearing a mask, avoiding crowded/closed/close-contact settings, washing your hands, practicing proper coughing etiquette, etc.) even after being vaccinated.

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