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National Diversity Network • Osaka University Symposium - "Progressive Initiatives of Empowering Network for Diversity"

2019-2-7 (Thu) 14:00 -

Osaka University was selected for the 2018 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) "Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (National Network Core Institute)," along with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and IBM Japan as cooperative institutes.

Following the selection, moving forward, Osaka University will make efforts to construct a national network that connects institutions that work towards improving research environments for female researchers, actively appoint female researchers as research leaders and increase the number of young female researchers, and reform the consciousness and work style of staff members within the institutions.

Towards the realization of a diversified research environment, Osaka University will share and diffuse a variety of beneficial information for good practice both in Japan and abroad while deepening cooperation with the institutions.

In this kick-off symposium for the project, we will express our determination and look for possibilities of a virtuous cycle that will create a flexible, diverse era together with you. 


Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 14:00 ~ 16:30 (Doors open at 13:30)

Venue: Lecture Hall, Osaka University Hall

Guest greetings: 14:00 ~ 14:20 
• WATANABE Sonoko (Deputy Director General, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Science and Technology Policy Bureau))
• AIZAWA Masuo (Adviser/Management and Administration, Japan Science and Technology Agency/Professor Emeritus and Former President, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Keynote Lecture: 14:20 ~ 15:00 
• MURAKI Atsuko (Visiting Professor, Center for Gender Equality Promotion, Osaka University)
"The Realization of Diversity Empowers the Organization"
• Lecture: 15:00 ~ 15:15
NISHIO Shojiro (President, Osaka University)
"Towards the Construction of a National Diversity Network"
• Lecture: 15:30 ~ 15:40
SOWA Nobuko (Executive Officer, Global Business Service Project Headquarters, IBM Japan)
"What Businesses Expect from Universities in Diversity Promotion"
• Lecture: 15:40 ~ 15:50
MITSUNARI Miho (Vice Chair, Science Council of Japan/Vice President, Nara Women's University)
"Endeavors and Challenges of the Science Council of Japan in Diversity Promotion"
• From the Region to the Nation - Activity Presentation by Regional Block: 15:50 ~ 16:30
Presentations from the Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokyo, Kanto/Koshinetsu, Tokai/Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku/Shikoku, and Kyushu/Okinawa blocks
MC: KONDOH Katsuyoshi (Professor/Associate Executive Director, Osaka University)
Commentator: MURAKI Atsuko (Visiting Professor, Center for Gender Equality Promotion, Osaka University)


Intended for: Anyone

Capacity: 400 (Prior applications required, will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis)

Attendance fee: Free

Applications are no longer being accepted.


Center for Gender Equality Promotion, Osaka University

TEL: 06-6879-4405 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)

E-mail: diver-nw[at]

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