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SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture: People and Castles in the Literature of SHIBA Ryotaro

2018-11-8 (Thu) 17:30 -

On Thursday, November 8, Osaka University will hold the SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture entitled "People and Castles in the Literature of SHIBA Ryotaro."

This lecture is held ever year and retraces the accomplishments of SHIBA Ryotaro, an author and graduate of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies (now Osaka University). This year marks the 21st lecture in this series.

Following a lecture by castle archaeologist Dr. SENDA Yoshihiro, there will be a "BiblioBattle," in which students will talk about and hold Q&A sessions on selected works by SHIBA Ryotaro.

Date and Time

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 17:30 ~ 19:45 (planned) (doors open at 17:00)


Lecture Hall, Osaka University Hall (1-13 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka)

Applications / Details

To apply:

1. Apply on the web

2. Apply via postcard with reply card attached

Please write your address, name, age, phone number, and the number of attendees (up to 2 including the applicant) on the postcard and send it to the address listed below.

<Applications / Inquiries>

Community-University Co-Creation Division, Department of Co-Creation Promotion, 1-13 Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka, 560-0043

TEL: 06-6850-5016


• Opening

  A passage from one of SHIBA Ryotaro's works

  Host greeting - Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro

• BiblioBattle

A battle of the books between Osaka University students on the topic of SHIBA Ryotaro

(Osaka University students have battled their way through the preliminary rounds and will now discuss their selected works by SHIBA Ryotaro through introductions to the work and Q&A sessions. The champion and runner-up will be decided at this lecture.)

• BiblioBattle Award Ceremony

  The champion and runner-up will receive their awards.

• Lecture

  Dr. SENDA Yoshihiro (Professor, Nara University/castle archaeologist)

  Title: "People and Castle in the Literature of SHIBA Ryotaro"

Hosted by: Osaka University

Co-hosted by: Sankei Shimbun, Co. Ltd.

Support by: SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Financial Group

Sponsored by: Sakuyakai (Osaka University School of Foreign Studies/Osaka University of Foreign Studies Alumni Association)


The flyer for this event can be found here. (PDF in Japanese)

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