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TEC 2018: Technology Commercialization Program

2018-6-16 (Sat) - 2018-7-13 (Fri)

Attendee benefits

This program is recommended for researchers, technicians, and individuals involved in technology transfer who aim to commercialize the results of their research.

1. Attendees can learn:

Commercialization of scientific technology developed at universities

• Through a series of lectures, attendees will understand the assessment process for commercialization of technology-based ideas developed within the university

• Through case studies of transfer of technology developed at universities, attendees will learn key points for leading scientific technology to innovation.

2. Active learning

• Attendees will directly interview domestic and international businesses, experts, and potential customers in exercises based on primary research.

3. Team project experience

• Attendees will learn about the effectiveness of team work through team projects, standard practice in Europe and the United States, in teams with individuals from different fields.


This program allows attendees to explore applications of and create business plans for scientific technology developed at Osaka University with a tool called “Technology Assessment.”

This program is the Japanese language version of G-TEC (Global Technology Entrepreneur and Commercialization), which Osaka University has held since 2011. This course focuses on more fundamental knowledge and workshops, so it will serves as an introduction course for individuals with no business experiences to advance to G-TEC, which demands a high level of business knowledge.

Some causes for the difficulty of commercializing technology developed at universities are:

1) The abundance of underdeveloped technology without proof of concept.

2) Not knowing by whom and how new and developing technology will be used.

3) Not knowing whether or not there is demand for the technology in the first place.

There is a lot that cannot be understood using secondary data from research agencies, so it's necessary to perform primary research through direct interviews with potential customers. Thus, in this program, technology assessment will be performed by using primary research and other techniques.

Dates and Times

Saturday, June 16 ~ Sunday, June 17, 2018*

Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

*Note: We will be lodging together during this weekend.

(Excluding the first weekend, each session will be held from 18:00 ~ 21:00.)

We are also planning to hold an basic lecture via e-learning.


Cosmosquare Hotel and Congress (lodging)

• B205 Seminar Room, 2F, Techno-Alliance Building, Suita Campus, Osaka University (planned)


• Students (including other universities) and Osaka University faculty and staff: Free

• Faculty and staff from other universities and public research institutes: 30,000 yen

• All others: 60,000 yen


Innovative Co-Creation Division, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University

• MATSUHASHI Toshihiko MBA, RTTP (Office for Industry-University Collaboration Professor)

• KATO Kosuke PhD, RTTP (Director, Office for Industry-University Collaboration/Lecturer, Business Engineering Department, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)



Application deadline

Friday, May 25, 2018

How to apply

Please visit the link below:

Organized by

Innovative Co-Creation Division/Co-Creative Education Division, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University


Innovative Planning Section, Innovative Co-Creation Division, Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University (PIC: Honda)

TEL: 06-6879-4206   Email:

A201, Techno-Alliance Building, Osaka University
2-8, Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, 565-0871


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