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Announcement regarding Annual Physical Examinations for all OU Students (2018-19)

2018-4-9 (Mon) - 2018-4-26 (Thu)

All Osaka University students are required to have an annual physical examination at some point during the dates and times outlined below. If you don't get a checkup, you cannot receive a certificate of annual health checkup (which is required for employment, further education, etc.)

In addition, students should note that they must complete the online questionnaire at the Health and Counseling Center's website before their checkup. The questionnaire can be accessed and completed at your convenience beginning from Sunday, April 1.

Please also note that even students who received an annual physical examination in the autumn of 2017 must take this 2018 annual physical examination.

*For more information, please visit the Health and Counseling Center homepage.

Dates and locations

  1. Health Care Center, TOYONAKA campus (HACC Toyonaka) -- Monday, April 9 ~ Thursday, April 12, #71,Toyonaka campus
  2. Health Care Center, MINOH campus (HACC Minoh) -- Monday, April 16 ~ Tuesday, April 17#7, Minoh campus
  3. Health Care Center, SUITA campus (HACC Suita) -- Thursday, April 19 ~ Thursday, April 26 (excluding Saturday and Sunday), #61, Suita campus


  • 10:00 a.m. ~ 3:00 p.m. -- HACC Toyonaka, HACC Minoh (on April 16 only), HACC Suita
  • 10:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 noon -- HACC Minoh (April 17 only)

You must bring the following with you to your physical exam:

  1. Student ID card
  2. Your "Pee Pole" with your first voided morning urine sample. (A Pee Pole will be available at the Educational Affairs Division of your school.)

The physical examination includes:

(1) Urine Test

(2) Chest X-ray

(3) Blood Pressure Check

(4) Height and Weight Checks

(5) Eyesight Test (optional)

(6) Health Interview

For more details on dates and times, please visit the following links



For more information, contact:

Health and Counseling Center

Toyonaka - Tel: 06-6850-6038

Minoh - Tel: 072-730-5151

Suita - Tel: 06-6879-8970

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