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Osaka University Leaders Forum 2018 (in Tokyo!)

2018-2-6 (Tue) 15:00 -

The Osaka University Leaders Forum is an event to provide a place of interaction for managers and executives who are alumni of Osaka University/Osaka University of Foreign Studies. This year, the event will once again be held in Tokyo.

We hope that this forum proves useful for your future endeavors as a place for information exchange and networking.

* A look at last year's forum can be found here.

Applications can be made here.

Those who wish to make an application by fax or email should click here.

 The deadline for applications has been extended until Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

New We regret to announce that advance registration has terminated. Some seating may be available at the door.

Time and Date

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 15:00 ~ 18:00 (Doors open at 14:30)


Gakushi Kaikan (3-28 Kanda-nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)



• 15:00 ~ 16:10

- Greeting - NISHIO Shojiro (President, Osaka University)

- Alumni Lecture 

IZUTANI Yachiyo (1981 graduate, School of Human Sciences/Director, Announcers' Office, NHK)

- Student Presentation


• Social Gathering - 16:20 ~ 18:00

Attendance Fee - 5000 yen (This fee will be collected at the door.)

Intended for

Managers, executives, directors, and private business owners who graduated from Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies

*Those individuals requiring special consideration should consult with event organizers beforehand.

[Lecturer] IZUMITANI Yachiyo (Director, Announcers' Office, NHK)

Ms. Izumitani entered NHK after graduating from the the School of Human Studies, Osaka University in 1981. In 1998, she became a chief producer in the Culture Department of NHK Osaka, producing culture programs such as "Koji Junrei [Old Temple Pilgrimage]," "Kokuho Tanbou [Touring National Treasures]" and welfare programs such as "Kiratto Ikiru [Active Lifesytle]." In the program, "Oooi Nippon, Osaka [Hey, Japan! from Osaka]," participants grilled an Okonomi-yaki that was 8 meters in diameter, a feat that was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2005, she began working as a manager of the departments of TV programing and management planning. Then in 2008, she became a manager of the program production department of NHK Osaka and was involved in the production of TV programs such as "Daibutsu Kaigen [Consecration Ceremony for the Great Buddha]," "Rekishi hiwa Historia [Secrets in History]," ”Baribara [variety program for people with special needs], and serialized television drama programs such as "Carnation."

In 2011, she became the head of the Nara bureau, in 2013, she became head of the Work Life Balance Promotion Bureau, in 2015 she became chief of NHK Matsuyama, and she began at her current position in June 2017.

[Student Presentation] surume

This team is composed of students from the Foresight School, one of the Osaka University Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur (EDGE) Programs. In this program, students learn methods on how to create new worth through behavioral observation, observe modern day individuals, and propose apparatuses for self-reflection.

This group received the Gold Award and the Audience Award at the EDGE INNOVATION CHALLENGE COMPETITION 2017, a contest in which students and young adults compete in creating ideas for innovative products and services. EDGE programs supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) are conducted at 13 universities and the contest was held as part of the EDGE programs.


Alumni Section, External Affairs Division, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University

TEL: 06-6879-7196

Email: alumni-app[at] (Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.)

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