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Human Rights Film Screening

2017-5-1 (Mon) 14:00 -

The film entitled Kuchizuke (ANGEL HOME) will be shown on Monday, May 1 in order to deepen interest in and understanding about human rights issues.

The organizers look forward to the participation of many students, faculty and staff members from Osaka University.

Local residents are also cordially invited and welcome to attend this free showing!

Note: This movie will be shown in Japanese.

Date and Time

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 14:00 ~ 16:10


Lecture Hall, Osaka University Hall (Toyonaka Campus)

Film Title

Kuchizuke (ANGEL HOME) (Japan, 2013: 123 min.)

*More information about this film can be found on the poster below.


Operations Staff, General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs (Tel: 06-6879-4401)


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