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2016-2017 "Program for Strengthening English Ability for Tutors" and "Program for Strengthening Professional English Skills"

2017-2-16 (Thu) - 2017-3-24 (Fri)

We will be holding Practical English courses for regular students at Osaka University.

This year, we've answered your requests and will also be holding a Program for Strengthening English Ability for Tutors!

Come and enjoy classes focused on speaking in various fields of study.

Let's use this opportunity to improve our English in order participate in study abroad and international conferences and be active on a global scale.


Dates and Times

Thursday, February 16 ~ Friday, March 24, 2017

*The dates and times vary depending on the course.

Application materials

Application materials (Program for Strengthening English Ability for Tutors)

Application materials (Program for Strengthening Professional English Skills)

Schedule list

Application form


Communication Skills for Tutors

English for Science

English for Humanities

English for Foreign Studies

English for Social Sciences

Study Abroad Preparation

English for Medical Sciences

Business Communication & Career Development

Attendance fee

These courses are sponsored by the university and are free of charge!

How to Apply

Please send a completed application form to the address listed below.

Application Deadline

 Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 12:00


 International Student Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs

iep-ina[at] (Please replace[at] with @ when contacting this address.)

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