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Labor Laws Seminar - Rules About Work that You Should Know!

2016-12-16 (Fri) -

Whether its acquiring knowledge as preparation for job hunting in order to stay out of labor trouble, or confirming important points when taking a part time job, or even to make sure you don't make a mistake when selecting companies for job hunting, let's get a good grasp on rules about work. We'll explain the labor laws and rules you should know about work in an easy-to-understand format! Faculty and staff are also welcome to take this opportunity to deepen their understanding on labor laws.



OTANI Hidenobu, Chief, Osaka Labor Bureau

Topics to be covered

*What are labor laws (Labor Standards Act, Minimum Wage Act, etc.)?

*Basic rules of wages, working time, paid holidays, employment, etc.

*Reform in how we work (work/life balance, promotion of activity by women and young people)

*Job hunting, harassment on unofficial job offers, declining job offers

Date and Time

Friday, December 16, 2016 - 16:30 ~ 17:50


Lecture Hall, Osaka University Hall

Intended for

Anyone from Osaka University, including students, faculty, and staff, may attend. Casual attire is permitted.

How to attend

Please register prior to the event by clicking here. Applications will also be accepted at the door.



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