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Test of Disaster Prevention Speakers -- "8,800,000 Osaka people Drill"

2016-9-5 (Mon) 11:15 -

In order to guarantee a means of communicating information in case of a large scale disaster, Osaka University has set up wireless "disaster prevention speakers" at major locations on its campuses.

Thus, on September 5, as part of the "5th 8,800,000 Osaka people Drill" (sponsored by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and Sakai City), we will be conducting an actual test of those speakers, as outlined below, both to make people more aware of those speakers and to heighten people's awareness of disaster prevention.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this test.

1. Time of the announced Test

Monday, September 5 -- 11:15 a.m. (for about 30 seconds)

2. Contents of the Test

  • Siren and beep sounds
  • 3 announcements in Japanese. The content of the announcements: "This is the Department of Safety and Hygiene. This announcement is a broadcast test of the disaster prevention speakers. In the event of a disaster, information will be conveyed by means of these speakers."

3. Locations of the speakers

  • Suita campus: U1-E Building, Graduate School of Engineering / B Building, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
  • Toyonaka campus: Rooftop of Main Library
  • Minoh campus: Research and Lecture Building B

For additional information or questions, contact:

Department of Safety and Hygiene, Tel.: 06-6879-4023

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