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Job Search Support: Individual Counseling Sessions for YOU!

2016-7-14 (Thu) - 2016-7-29 (Fri)

[Registration Required]

These sessions are intended for students who are currently searching for a job; however, students from other years may also attend. Registrations will also be taken on the day of the event!

Professionals from job recruiting companies are here to consult with you about your concerns.
You can get advice from professionals who are very familiar with job searching, as well as information about information on the company of your choice.

Some common concerns include:

• I've received an informal decision, but I'm still unsure.
• I can't get an informal decision. What kinds of companies can I apply to?
• I'm curious about companies near my home.
• What should I do now? What can I do?

Dates and Times

• Thursday, July 21: C203, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Toyonaka Campus

• Friday, July 22: Meeting Room 2, Convention Center, Suita Campus

• Friday, July 29: Room A312, Bldg. A, Minoh Campus

All counseling sessions will take place from 13:00 ~ 17:00.


Those who wish to attend should send an email "Job Search Counseling Session Application" with their (1) name (with furigana), (2) school (or graduate school), (3) year, (4) student ID, (5) contact information (phone number), and (6) when they will arrive at the session (estimates such as 13:30 are just fine) to the Campus Life and Career Support Division in the Suita Student Center via the email address listed below:

E-mail address:

Organizers and Supporters

Organized by:

Campus Life and Career Support Division

With support by:

Osaka Branch, Diamond Human Resource, Inc.


Campus Life and Career Support Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs

Tell: 06-6879-7087

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