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Asian Development Bank President Lecture at Osaka University Hall

2016-5-24 (Tue) 13:30 -

As the first seminar in the East Asian Center for Academic Initiatives International Development Seminar Series and the Osaka University Global Leaders Lecture Series, we have invited President NAKAO Takehiko of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to give us a lecture on "Prospects of the Economy in Asia and the role of ADB." Let's discuss the future of global society!

Date, Time, and Venue

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 -  13:30 ~ 15:00 (Doors open at 13:00)
Assembly Hall, 1F, Osaka University Hall (Toyonaka Campus)


Opening Greeting: HOSHINO Toshiya (Executive Vice President of Global Engagement, Osaka University)

Part 1: Lecture (NAKAO Takehiko, President, Asian Development Bank) 

Topic: "Prospects of the Economy in Asia and the role of ADB"
We'll hear from President NAKAO Takehiko of the Asian Development Bank, a multilateral development bank, about the latest information on the "China Development Forum 2016," as well as accounts based on his own experiences.

Part 2: Discussion (NAKAO Takehiko, President, Asian Development Bank; OTANI Junko, Director, East Asian Center for Academic Initiatives)

We will discuss the future of global society with the president of the Asian Development Bank.
There will also be a free talk with students from Osaka University.

About the Lecturer

NAKAO Takehiko (President, Asian Development Bank)

A native of Hyogo prefecture, Mr. Nakao graduated from Ikeda Senior High School Attached to Osaka Kyoiku University in 1974, after which he graduated from the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo in 1978 and received his Master's degree from UC Berkeley in 1982.

After entering the Ministry of Finance in 1978, he served as the Director of the Osaka Izumiotsu Tax Office as well as the Assistant Director of the Securities Bureau, Tax Bureau, and International Finance Bureau.
In 1994, he was temporarily assigned to IMF. After his return to the Ministry of Finance in 1997, he served as Director of the Non-Bank Financial Companies Office, Banking Bureau, Chief of the International Organizations Division in the International Bureau, the Budget Officer of the Budget Bureau (in charge of foreign affairs, economy/industry, and economic cooperation), and Chief of the Development Policy Division in the International Bureau. In July 2005, he became the Minister of the Embassy of Japan in the United States of America, in July 2007, he became the Deputy Director General of the International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, in July 2009, he became the Director General of the International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, and in August 2011, he became the Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs.
He took his position as President of Asian Development Bank in April 2013.
His written works include American Economic Policy (Chuokoron-Shinsho, 2008). He was a Visiting Professor at The University of Tokyo from 2011 ~ 2012.


This lecture is free to attend. Those who wish to attend must make an application.
Please send your name, affiliation, and year (if you are a student) in an email entitled "May 24 Seminar Application" to the email address below.


Overseas Center Staff, International Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs
(When contacting this address, please replace (at) with @.)

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