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Osaka University Institute for Datability Science Kickoff Symposium - "Future Design through Databilty Science" A New Form of Collaboration for Co-creation

2016-4-21 (Thu) 15:00 -

  So at Osaka University, with the aim of promoting effective use of big data, we will start up the Institute for Datability Science. At this institute, we will pursue "data science," new methods of science through datability, or "the responsible utilization of usable big data in a sustainable form into the future." In that process, we will make full use of high level communications technology, such as artificial intelligence, create a new horizon for technology and scholarship in life sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, science and engineering, and the humanities, and implement interdisciplinary research in order to promote the creation of new societal, public, and economic value. At this institute, we will also actively contribute to the cultivation of human resources as a "place for orchestration and co-creation" that produces researchers and technicians for the next generation who will contribute to the dramatic improvement of datability.

  At this symposium, we will take a comprehensive look at a super-smart society in Science and Technology Basic Plans for the Fifth Term that utilizes artificial intelligence and big data, and express our vision regarding the research and education at this institute toward the realization of such a society.

Time and Date

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 15:00 ~ 18:50 (Doors open at 14:30)


Hankyu Railways/Sanwa Bank Hall, Icho Kaikan, Osaka University


250 (You must apply to attend this event; applicants are accepted on a first come, first served basis.)

This event is free to attend.

How to Apply

Please apply on the web by clicking here.


15:00 ~ 16:15

Opening Greeting   NISHIO Shojiro (President, Osaka University)

Guest Greeting   MATSUO Hiroki (Deputy Director-General, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT)

Invited Lecture - "Data Enabling (datable) Society"

                KITSUREGAWA Masaru (Director, National Institute of Informatics, Research Organization of Information and Systems)

Invited Lecture - "Japan's Strategy for Scientific and Technological Innovation - Towards the Realization of Society 5.0"

                  KYUMA Kazuo (Member, Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation, Cabinet Office)

16:25 ~ 18:00

Overview of the Institute for Datability Science

                  YAGI Yasushi (Executive Vice President; Director of the Institute for Datability Science

"Using Datability in the Biological Field"

TAKASHIMA Seiji (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine)

"Smart Society and Datability"

HIGASHINO Teruo (Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

"Complex Physics and Datability"

 KODAMA Ryousuke (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering)

"Mathematics and Data Science Education Necessary for Datability"

TANIZAKI Hisashi (Professor, Graduate School of Economics)

"Computer Vision and Datability"

MATSUSHITA Yasuyuki (Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

18:10 ~ 18:50

Panel Discussion: "Hope for the Institute for Datability Science"

(KYUMA Kazuo, KITSUREGAWA Masaru, MATSUO Hiroki (Deputy Director-General, MEXT), NOZAKI Masatoshi (Director, Technology Policy Division, Global ICT Strategy Bureau, Ministry of International Affairs and Communications), OKADA Takeshi (Director, Research and Development Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, METI)

Closing Greeting  YOSHIKAWA Hideki (Executive Vice President, Osaka University)


Staff, Institute for Datability Science, Research Promotion Division, Department of Research and Industry Collaboration

Email: kensui-kensui-data[at] (Please replace [at] with @ when contacting this address.)


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