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Panel Discussion for Job Search Success

2016-2-20 (Sat) - 2016-2-27 (Sat)

As part of Job Search/Career Guidance for 2015-2016, we will be holding the Panel Discussion for Job Search Success/Personnel Strategy Session.

Hosted by:

Osaka University Students, Career Support Division, Career Platform (KyariPura)

Learn all about searching for jobs and corporate research (including questions and points of analysis)!


First Half - 10:30~12:00
• Mini Lecture on Job Searching
• The Secret to Corporate Research
   Experience a mock company information session
   Create a company information session worksheet
   Get advice from company personnel affairs in a panel discussion

Second Half - 13:30~15:00
• Mini Lecture on Job Searching
• The Secret to Corporate Research
  Entry sheets, statement of purpose, business manners, and company information sessions
  Advice from company personnel affairs in a panel discussion

What to bring:

Writing utensils

How to apply:

Please include (1) your desired time slots (you may also select both first and second half), (2) your name with furigana, (3) your school/graduate school, (4) your year, (5) your student number, and (6) your telephone number tin an email entitled "Personnel Strategy Session" and send it to the address listed below:

Campus Life and Career Support Division (Suita Student Center)

Note: You must submit an application to attend this seminar. Casual dress is allowed, and all OU students are welcome to attend.

Please consider carefully whether you should attend or not if doing so will interfere with your students and course work.

Application period:

Tuesday, January 26~

Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, and applications will close when all slots are filled. We strongly discourage being absent for this seminar once you have been accepted.

* Availability is updated as necessary in the Announcements section on the top page of the Career Support System.

Dates and Times:

Toyonaka: Classroom C106, Bldg. C, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Saturday, February 20
10:30 ~

13:30 ~
Saturday, February 27
10:30 ~

13:30 ~

For more details, click here.


Suita Student Center
Tel: 06-6879-7087

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