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Job Search/Career Guidance

2015-10-1 (Thu) - 2016-3-31 (Thu)

The Department of Education Development will hold the 2015 Job Search/Career Guidance according to the schedule noted below.
Please consider carefully whether you should attend or not if doing so will interfere with your studies and course work.

Job search career guidance: Important guidance with a focus on delineating job hunting

  • Job search follow-up seminar -- May
  • How to job hunt (1) -- May
  • How to job hunt (2) -- October
  • How to job hunt (3) -- February

Job search career seminars: Seminars on different job hunting topics

  • Internship seminar -- May
  • Job hunting seminar for international students -- October
  • Labor legislation seminar -- October (link in Japanese)
  • Self promotion strategies seminar -- October/November
  • Business research seminar -- November
  • Aptitude test explanation/Job hunting strategies seminar -- November/December
  • Application strategies seminar -- December
  • Interview strategies seminar -- January
  • Group discussion practice seminar -- February~March
  • Mock interviews -- February~March
  • Business guidance -- March

For more information, contact:

Suita Student Center

Tel: 06-6879-7087

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