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Kyoto Symposium -- Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization (Application deadline extended)

2015-3-8 (Sun) 12:00 p.m. -

Four years have passed since The Great East Japan Earthquake took place. The Kyoto Symposium regarding the Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization "Until We Restore our Sky -- Fukushima's Battle after The Great East Japan Earthquake and Accidents at the Nuclear Power Plant" will be held on Sunday, March 8. This symposium is being held in order to plan awareness education at the common citizen's level regarding ways the effects of natural disasters can be reduced through recovery and restoration efforts following the disasters that will merge the hopes and expectations of Tohoku and Fukushima with those of the Kansai.

Date & Time: Sunday, March 8, 2015, 12:00~17:20

Prior to the symposium, a video will be shown (10:00~11:15). Please feel welcome to come to see it.

Venue: Suzaku Campus Hall, Ritsumeikan University, 1 Suzaku-cho, Nishino-kyo, Cyuko-ku, Kyoto

Seating space in the venue: 350
Please register in advance.
There is no charge for attending this event.

How to apply: Fill out an application form on the leaflet and send it by email or fax.
**We will be accepting applications until capacity is reached.**

For more information and to make application, contact:
Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization (FURE), Fukushima University
Fax: 024-504-2865

Intended for: general public, university-related persons, students, administrative officers, persons evacuated from Fukushima

For more information, contact:
Sponsored by: Fukushima University; Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization, Fukushima University
In cooperation with: Ritsumeikan University, Osaka University
Supported by: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Reconstruction Agency, Fukushima Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Futaba District Town and Village Assemblies, Japan Association of Corporate Executives


10:00~11:15 -- Showing of a video "Compilation of the OECD Tohoku School Project: Tohoku Recovery Festival -- Wa in Paris" (Attendance is optional.)
11:20~12:00 -- Registration
12:00 -- Introduction of activities at the Fukushima Future Center for Regional Revitalization
12:10 -- Greetings

  • NAKAI Katsumi, President, Fukushima University
  • YOSHIDA Mikio, President, Ritsumeikan University
  • HIRANO Toshio, President, Osaka University

12:25~13:25 -- Part I: Keynote Speech "At a Time when Everyone can Express their Opinions -- Sharing the Current Situation in Fukushima with the World," HORI Jun, Journalist, former NHK Announcer
13:35~15:05 -- Part II: Report on current situation in Fukushima

  1. Activities at Fukushima University, NAKATA Sura, Director, FURE
  2. Radiation in Fukushima, OSE Kenji, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Reconstruction Assistance in Agriculture and Environment, FURE
  3. Battle for Food safety and Recovery of Agriculture, KOYAMA Ryota, Vice director, FURE; Manager, Reconstruction Assistance in Food and Agriculture
  4. What We Learned through Supporting Children, HONDA Tamaki, Specially Appointed Professor, Support for children and youngsters, FURE

15:20~17:10 -- Part III -- Panel Discussion "Fukushima's struggle after the earthquake and nuclear power plant accidents"
Coordinator: KAINUMA Hiroshi, Specially Appointed Researcher, Regional Reconstruction Support Division, FURE

  • SATO Tatsuya, Professor, School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University
  • KUBO Toshihiko, Professor, School of Economics, Ritsumeikan University
  • ENDO Katsuhiro, member, Earthquake Reconstruction Committee, Japan Association of Corporate Executives; Director, Japan Student Services Organization
  • TAKAHASHI Minako, Okami, Matsushimaya Ryokan, Iizaka Spa, Fukushima City
  • SATO Akihiko, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Regional Reconstruction Support Division, FURE

17:15 Closing remarks NAKATA Sura, Director, FURE

FURE symposium

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