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Explanatory session for Career Supporters

2014-10-20 (Mon) - 2014-10-22 (Wed)

Career Development Services of the Support Center for Campus Life is recruiting "career supporters." An explanatory session for individuals who'd like to become a "career supporter" will be held on the Toyonaka, Suita, and Minoh campuses as noted in the schedule below. Individuals interested are invited to attend this session. No registration is needed. We hope to see you there!

  • Suita -- Monday, October 20, Lecture Room #33, 3rd floor, Main Building, School of Human Sciences
  • Minoh -- Tuesday, October 21, A403, 4th floor, Building A, Research & Lecture Building
  • Toyonaka -- Wednesday, October 22, Large Lecture Room, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Time: 12:15~12:45 for the above sessions

Even if you are unable to attend this explanatory session, you can still apply to become a career supporter.

What are career supporters?

Career supporters are students in the 4th year of undergraduate school or those in a master's course who have received a tentative job offer from a private company, government office, school or such and who have registered with the Career Development Services as career supporter, a position in which they talk about their experiences in job hunting and answer questions about job hunting at things such as employment guidance events. Students then taking part in such events can get to know persons who have received offers from a variety of sources. Such personal connections can be helpful after graduation.
If you are interested in serving as career supporter, please email your name, the name of your affiliation, and your telephone number and email address to the address below.
Email: cs-stu[at] (When using this address, please replace [at] with @.)

Note: The QR code on the poster is a link to the relevant information about this service.

For more information about career supporters, see the Facebook page of Osaka University Career Supporter Group.


Recruitment of Career Supporters

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