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54th Osaka University Machikane Festival

2013-11-2 (Sat) - 2013-11-4 (Mon)

At the Machikane Festival (sometimes referred to as the "Autumn Festival") on Osaka University's Toyonaka campus, one can enjoy a variety of events -- live presentations by clubs and circles, sports competitions, open laboratories, refreshment booths, and more. Celebrating a memorable 54th anniversary this year, organizers intend to put on the most enjoyable and exciting Machikane Festival yet under the theme of "Issai Gassai -- Let's join forces on this festival!"

Thus, the organizers have hidden an invitation in these [kanji] characters*, hoping for and inviting many people to come to the festival. Please come too! *See image below.

Period: November 2nd (Saturday) ~ 4th (Sunday)

Venue: Toyonaka campus, Osaka University, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka City

Access: 15-25 min. walk east from Ishibashi Station on Hankyu Takarazuka Line. By Monorail: 10-15 min. walk west from Shibahara Station.

Machikane Festival

For more information, contact:

Osaka University Festival Central Executive Committee

Student Union Building, Osaka University, 1-10 Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka

Tel/Fax: 06-6857-1806 -- Email:
*To learn more about this event, please visit to the Machikane Festival website

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