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Let's Talk about our Hobbies!

2013-10-23 (Wed) 2:40 p.m. -

The Support Center for Campus Life provides opportunities and a platform for students to get together socially. A brand new event, "Let's Talk about our Hobbies!" has been planned for Wednesday, October 23. Participants will expand their wave of exchange through chatting about their hobbies and collections. Let's talk about our hobbies and things we collect -- movies, stamps, puzzles, old books, you name it!
These talks will be held on Wednesday afternoons and will be held on a continuing basis once a month.
The 1st talk -- Wednesday, October 23, 2:40 ~ 4:10
Venue: Student Support Community Space, 2nd floor, Student Union Building, Toyonaka campus
Intended for: Students, faculty, and staff members

Making Application

Please apply by email to the address in the leaflet below with your name, year in school, student ID number, and email address.
Registration is requested; however, participants who have not registered may be admitted.For more information, Contact:
Support Center for Campus Life
Tel: 06-6850-6115

talk about hobbies

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