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Seminar for Overseas Researchers -- "Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research" [KAKENHI]

2013-7-29 (Mon) 2:00 p.m. -

A special Osaka University seminar is being held especially for researchers from overseas. The purpose of the seminar is to assist researchers from overseas in understanding the system for obtaining "Kakenhi" (grants-in-aid for scientific research). Please attend if at all possible!

Registration is not required.
The seminar will be conducted in English.

Venue: MO Hall, Convention Center, Suita campus,


• Lecture #1 -- "Outline of Kakenhi and Advice for Applicants," Masayuki MIYASAKA, Specially Appointed Professor, Institute for Academic Initiatives

• Lecture #2 -- "Advice for Applicants," Diego DIEZ, Assistant Professor, IFReC

For more information or questions, contact: Research Promotion Division, Department of Research Promotion, Osaka University


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