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On-Campus Explanatory Session regarding Public Service and Teaching Positions

2013-3-19 (Tue) - 2013-5-31 (Fri)

An explanatory session is being held regarding working in public service (civil servant) and teaching positions. You do not need to register or make application in order to attend. In other words, please just come if you are interested or want to learn more.

However, please consider carefully whether you should attend or not if doing so will interfere with your studies and course work.

Agency Organized by
Date & Time
Educator -- Fukui Pref. Ministry of Education, Fukui Pref.
Thurs., May 30 -- 4:20~5:40 2
  1. Matching Seminar Rm., Student Commons, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  2. Room 203, Bldg. C, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Note: Modification of the schedule is a possibility. Therefore, please download the file noted below for the latest information on venue, date, and time information.
For more information or questions, contact Toyonaka Student Center, 06-6850-6115

Explanatory session

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