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2013 Job Search Guidance

2013-5-7 (Tue) - 2014-2-28 (Fri)

The schedule for the 2013 Job Search Guidance sponsored by the Department of Student Affairs has been finalized.

By all means please plan to attend sessions that interest you; however, inasmuch as possible, please attend with minimal disruption to your studies.

To view details of Job Search Guidance, download the Annual Schedule for Job Search Guideline

To view details of Job Search Guidance for May ~ July '13, click here.

  • Internship course
  • Job search start-up course
  • Basics of job search -- self-analysis course
  • Industry study course
  • Industry and company study course -- search using papers

To view details of Job Search Guidance for October '13 ~ January '14, click here.

  • Job search courses for international students
  • Job search preparation course
  • Company study course
  • Self-promotion course
  • Joint company guidance preparation course
  • Resume preparation course
  • Interview preparation course

For more information, contact:

Suita Student Center
Tel: 06-6879-7087

Job Search Guidance

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