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6th Osaka University Homecoming Day

2011-11-6 (Sun) 10:00 a.m. -

Since 2006, Osaka University has expanded the annual Icho Festival to include Homecoming Day, a yearly event that welcomes alumni, former faculty and staff to come back, renew old friendships, see Osaka University as it is today, and envisage what it will become tomorrow

Osaka University considered postponing this year's Homecoming Day out of deference to the many victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake; however, the decision has been made to hold it in conjunction with the Machikane Festival on Sunday, November 6.

If you'd like to attend this year's Homecoming, please apply by email, fax, or postal mail no later than Monday, October 31.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Osaka University Federation of Alumni Association, Publicity and University-Community Collaboration Office, Department of Publicity and University-Community Collaboration

Tel: 06-6879-7152

Fax: 06-6879-7156


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