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Movie dealing with issues of Human Rights to be shown

2011-5-2 (Mon) 3:00 -

On the afternoon of Monday, May 2nd, a movie dealing with issues of human rights will be shown on the Toyonaka campus. It is hoped that the showing of this movie will deepen the understanding of human rights issues. The theme of this year's human rights event will center on challenges faced by members of our society.

We look forward to seeing many faculty, staff, and students as well as members of the local communities at the showing of this movie.

  • Title of the movie: Josée, the Tiger and the Fish
  • Date and time: Monday, May 2nd -- 3:00 ~ 5:00 p.m. (Movie running time: 116 minutes)
  • Venue: Room C-206, Lecture Bldg. C, Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice, Toyonaka campus
  • For more information, contact: Department of General Affairs, Tel. 06-6879-7014

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