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2011 Icho Festival

2011-5-2 (Mon) - 2011-5-3 (Tue)

Osaka University's Icho Festival is held every year for the purposes of welcoming freshmen, promoting friendship among faculty, staff, and students, and for improving community relations. The Icho Festival also provides senior high school students, local citizens as well as OU personnel with information about research and education being conducted at the university.

This year, in addition to regular activities and events at the festival, students will set up donation boxes through which persons attending the festival can lend their support to Tohoku recovery efforts. In addition, other types of charity events will be held and efforts will be made to conserve electricity at the festival. Finally, although in a typical year various companies serve as co-sponsors of festival activities, this year organizers have requested that those companies designate funds for recovery in the disaster areas.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Dates: Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd

Some facilities will be open to the public. Schools, graduate schools, and research institutes will hold exhibitions, movie showing, and lectures.

Students will set up stalls and organize stage performances, sports and other events.

Venue: Toyonaka and Suita Campuses

  • Please use public transportation to get to one of these campuses. Free shuttle bus service between the two campuses --Toyonaka and Suita-- will be available. (See program page 22.)
  • The Front gate, East Gate, West Gate, and Senri Gate of the Suita Campus will be open for the two days. (See program page 21.)

You can view and download the Icho Festival program at the links below. To facilitate downloading, the program has been split into 3 separate downloads.

To learn more about student-led events, visit the Icho Festival website.

For more information, contact: General Affairs Section, General Affairs Planning and Publicity Division, General Affairs Department -- Tel: 06-6879-7014

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