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Kaitokudo for the 21st Century Symposium: Gracefully Maturing Cities #3 -- On the 40th Anniversary, looking back upon Osaka Expo '70 (Acceptance of applications has finished.)

2010-12-12 (Sun) 2:00 p.m. -

Osaka University Kaitokudo for the 21st Century will hold a symposium on "Gracefully Maturing Cities" on Sunday, December 12.

The Osaka Exposition was held in 1970 with the theme of "Progress and Harmony for Mankind." Now, 40 years later, it is high time to consider: Has Osaka made progress and developed in harmony?

The presenters and audience will discuss this topic and view a short film of interviews.

The organizers look forward to seeing many persons in attendance.

Date & Time: December 12 (Sunday), 2010,  2:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Venue: Oval Hall, 1st basement, Osaka Office, The Mainichi Newspapers (The Oval Hall can be found on the far left in one of the two locations marked with purple.)

Quota: 350 (Acceptance of applications has finished.)

There is no fee for attending this symposium.

Contact: Kaitokudo for the 21st Century, Osaka University


For additional information [in Japanese], please go here and here.

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