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Osaka University will join the annual Osaka Hikari Renaissance

2009-12-12 (Sat) - 2009-12-25 (Fri)

 The Nakanoshima Center, Osaka University will participate in OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2009 to be held at Nakanoshima from December 12 to 25, 2009 again.

LED's will be installed on the inside of the windows in each room on the east side of the Center this year, making the entire wall into a giant screen. The LED's will be of two types: some will depict large star-like snow flakes and beside these large snow flakes, small sparkling LED's will appear to be flowing up and down, a beautiful snowy scene.

"City Design under Industry-University Cooperation -- Digital Wall Art" will also be held in cooperation with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. In this project, through the use of Mangekyo Kaleidoscope Projectors, one of the sides of Nakanoshima Center building will become a giant "canvas" filled with fantastic and colorful kaleidoscopic images. In this way, Nakanoshima Center will show its welcome as a center of scholarship for society and the common person.

In the square on the east side of the center, sand art will be on display, and stalls selling food and drinks will be open.

Finally, in connection with the OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2009, a Yume-akari Concert will be held on the first floor of the Nakanoshima Center. Students from clubs and circles at Osaka University will fill Nakanoshima with classical chamber music and swinging jazz this winter.

The events and venue promise to be crowded with lots of people as they were last year.

Performances scheduled (as of December 1)

  • December 19 (Saturday): Osaka University Orchestra String Quartet
  • December 20 (Sunday): Jazz performance by SWING, Osaka University Light Music Club
  • December 23 (Wednesday): Jazz performance by SWING, Osaka University Light Music Club
  • December 25 (Friday): Osaka University Orchestra String Quartet

* The above performances will start 5:00 p.m. or later. Please note: The above schedule may be modified slightly.

For more information, please contact:

Publicity and University-Community Collaboration Office, Department of Planning and Publicity, Osaka University


Click here to visit the Osaka Hikari Renaissance 2009 web site.


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