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Message from the President



President of Osaka University

Japan is facing the greatest challenge since WWII.

Japan's future depends on the development of our nation's human resources. Innovative technological development and nurturing a spiritually rich and peaceful society cannot be realized without advancement in the sciences.

Society asks that universities promote fundamental academic research as a creative intellectual activity and nurture excellent persons who will lead the next. Universities are being asked to fulfill their original missions.

Now is the time to coalesce the wisdom of all members of the Osaka University community and lay a foundation on which Osaka University will continue to shine forth in the 21st and even into the 22nd century as a world leader of learning and education.

We will promote fundamental academic research and education that only a university can provide.

As any organization depends upon the support of its individual members, Osaka University works to promote a work environment in which Osaka University members can work with vigor and education and research organizations can exhibit their originality.

With staff possessing high hopes and a sense of responsibility, Osaka University is sure to continue to shine even into the 22nd century with its head held high.


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