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Career Development Services

Career Development Services

Occupation counselors and career development advisers offer counseling services from Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays) on the three OU campuses.

Office hours:

January - July -- 10:30~17:00 (closed from 12:50~13:50)

August - December -- 13:50~17:00

Please make a reservation via the Career Counseling Online Reservation System before coming. 

Career counseling can be provided without a reservation; however, a priority will be given to those who made reservations, so counseling services will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis only when there are time slots available.

Consultation services are only intended for OU students.

Shushoku no Jikan

Career Development Services has started the monthly newsletter Shushoku no Jikan for providing information about job hunting and events. For more information, view the Employment Support System (internal use only).

Greetings from Staff

IESHIMA Akihiko, Lecturer
I was assigned to the Career Development Services on April 2014. Before that, I had been involved in career development education and employment support at a career development center of a national university in the countryside. My specialties are life-span developmental psychology and career development education.
When I was an OU student, there were no departments of career development education and employment support or I didn't know that, so I didn't use them... but, my fellow students, please make full use of our services. We will support you with utmost effort!


Career development adviser (CDA)

KOHARA Kazuko (Suita, Toyonaka, and Minoh campuses)
Hi! I'm Kazuko KOHARA. I joined a bank after graduating from college and was engaged in office work and later outside job.  In my previous company, I was involved in recruiting  personnel and  coordinating staffing for a new project for a staffing service company. I'm not involved in such a job now, but we are always at your service. Please make good use of our services.

NIIDA Kumiko (Suita campus)
You already have the ability to achieve your goals, and your potential is unlimited. I'm here to support you in finding the resources that will allow you to connect your individuality, values, and area of expertise with your selling points. I also support bilingual students as well as international exchange students in their job-searching endeavors. Let's shape a reasonable and positive future for you together.

NISHIDA Naoko (Minoh campus)
Your first job may be a turning point of your life. Actually, I coped with difficulties in finding a job in the so-called Employment Ice Age.  After  working for a company, now I'm a mother and self-employed business operator. My curiosity is endless -- drawing paintings, watching sports, viewing live performances, and challenging the new. I'd like to help you not only to land a job but also to decide your future course.  Please don't hesitate to ask for advice.

NISHIBAYASHI Naomi (Suita and Minoh campuses)
Hi! I'm Naomi Nishibayashi Whether it's not knowing how to conduct a job search suited to yourself, not being sure about how to promote yourself and your potential on the job market, or being unsure about how to skillfully handle yourself in an interview, or concern about balancing studies and job search, I'm here to help you. Please don't worry alone! Feel free to come and talk with me about anything.

NOMURA Fumiko (Toyonaka campus)
Job hunting is the first step in finding a job that suits you. The first job after university is especially important. We,  professional career advisers, will give you appropriate advice tailored to your individual needs from self-analysis to job interview skills. Please make full use of our services.

YOSHIDA Tamae (Toyonaka campus)
I used to work for a listed company in recruitment. Using such experiences, I will give you advice from the viewpoint of employers, at each step in the job hunting process -- how to write a resume,  job interview skills, making a short list of companies that you apply for, career planning after joining a company.  Using my experiences, I will give you advice from the viewpoint of working adult. Job hunting is a difficult process but we are willing to support you. Let's win in this tough job market, hand in hand!

KUMAGAI Akio (Toyonaka campus)

I was in charge of human resources and general affairs at a major information service company for some 35 years. For 25 years during that period, I was involved in hiring of new graduates. I'd like to help you based on my experience in human resources. Please feel free to contact us.

To see more information about career development advisers, go here.

Osaka University career supporters

Career supporters are students in the 4th year of undergraduate school or those in the 2nd year of master's course who have received a tentative job offer from a private company, government office, school or such. They will help underclass students by talking about their experiences in job hunting and by answering questions about job hunting at employment guidance events. For more information about career supporters, see the Facebook page of Osaka University Career Supporter Group.

Dr. Wani in a business suit

Recruiting career supporters

If you are interested in serving as career supporter, please email your name, the name of your affiliation, and your telephone number and email address to the address below.
Email: cs-stu[at] (When using this address, please replace [at] with @.)

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