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Introduction to Osaka University

Student Disability Services

What are Student Disability Services?

We can help you find information about things such as:

  • Assistants such as interpreters and helpers
  • Gaining access to facilities
  • Individually-tailored learning materials
  • Obtaining and borrowing auxiliary aids
  • Requesting assistance from faculty and staff (for students with special needs)
  • Coordinating services regarding exams and homework assignments
  • Coordinating services regarding language and physical education classes, practical training, and experiments
  • and more

Available services vary by disability level and situation.

Barrier free -- accessibility maps

If you need advice

Please visit us. You can make a reservation before coming. In addition to face-to-face support, you can consult with us via phone, fax, or email.
New The Student Disability Services will provide consultation for students with special needs who want to apply to Osaka University and to their guardians in explanatory sessions (aka, "Open Campuses").

For more information, contact the Student Disability Services.
Toyonaka -- Tel & fax: 06-6850-6107
Students on the Suita and Minoh campuses who'd like to get advice are also requested to call to this number.

Email: shien[at]  When using this address, please replace [at] with @.

Office hours:

  • Suita campus --  10:00~17:00 from Tuesdays through Fridays
  • Toyonaka campus -- 10:00~17:00 from Mondays through Fridays
  • Minoh campus -- 10:00~17:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays

Greetings from staff

NAKANO Satoko, Lecturer

I arrived at my position in Student Disability Services in April 2016. I myself have a hearing disability, classified on my disability certificate as a type 1, grade 2 disability. I'll never forget the surprise and emotion I felt when I listened to a lecture with sign language and text interpretation for the first time. I couldn't believe how much information I was missing! From then on, I stepped forth into the world of supporting students with special needs, and here I am. Students Disability Services will aim to provide an education and research environment in which individuals both with and without special needs can make use of their best qualities and abilities. (I'd like to extend a special invitation with those interested in sign language; I'm looking for some people to chat with in sign language!)

SUWA Eriko, Specially Appointed Lecturer

My name is Eriko SUWA, and I came to the Support Center for Campus Life in April 2016. To this point, I've not only performed professional education at universities, but I've also been involved in counseling and consultation for various individuals as a clinical psychologist. Here, I hope to be able to help students show their ability to the fullest, discover, exhibit, and develop their own strengths even further. Your life as a student feels long, but it's much shorter than you think. I hope that you'll be able to enjoy your student life that much more. Let's think together on how to make your student life into something fulfilling.

YOSHIDA Yuko, Specially Appointed Researcher

I provide consultation and serve as coordinator between students with special needs and faculty and staff as well as outside support organizations. I'd like to improve services related to career development support as well as providing students with special needs with internship opportunities in cooperation with related organizations. Please don't hesitate to call on us.

KUSUNOKI Keita, Specially Appointed Researcher

My name is KUSUNOKI Keita, and I arrived at Student Disability Services in May of 2015. Before coming here, I worked for 2 years as an elementary school teacher at Shanghai Japanese School. Since it had been a while since I was in Japan, I'd like to challenge my new position with a fresh state of mind. In addition, when I was a student, I worked to support students with special needs as a student supporter. Keeping what I learned and felt during my days as a student in mind, I’ll support students with special needs at Osaka University. I can communicate a little bit in sign language and Chinese, so I hope that many of you will come and talk with me. I look forward to seeing you all!

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