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Introduction to Osaka University

Student Counseling and Consultation Services

Student Counseling and Consultation Services [file in Japanese]

Office hours

Campus Toyonaka Toyonaka & Suita Toyonaka
Hours 13:00-17:00


Greetings from counselors

HASHIMOTO Maki (Toyonaka, Mondays)

Hi! I’m Hashimoto. Usually, I talk with individuals who come to my office seeking help with their problems as a counselor, and hold events for social gathering. It’s quite natural that you have worries in your student life. Talking with someone on such occasions is helpful in sorting out your mind. Some people may feel uncomfortable asking someone for some advice and others may be not good at talking, but please feel free to come and talk with us. You don't need a reason to visit. I will support your campus life through conversations with you.

OGAWA Masashi (Toyonaka, Wednesdays)

Hi! I'm OGAWA. What emotions do you feel when seeing words like "worries" and "consultation"? Some may think of consultation for serious problems that may lead to emotional disorder. Of course we hope individuals with such problems will also come to see us. However, it's tough to worry about something, whatever the problem is. Nothing is too small. There are individuals who have suffered because they kept their problems to themselves. It may take courage to consult someone for advice at such times, but you should not be embarrassed. It's nice to get a new viewpoint about your worries.
We work every day in the hope of assisting those who have something to worry and who want to talk with someone in some way. If you ever have a problem and feel like you need to talk to someone, even if you may think it's not serious, please don't hesitate to come and talk with us.

HIRANO Kimiya (Toyonaka, Fridays)

Hello, I'm HIRANO Kimiya. How is your student life going? I hope everything is fine with you, but it’s not always going to be perfect every time. Things do not work out the way you want. I want to help you can live a fulfilling life. So please feel free to give us a visit.

SHINGAKI Honoka (Suita, Wednesdays)

Hello, I’m Shingaki. I’m serving as a counselor at the office on the Suita Campus. You may have moments where you feel gloomy or helpless in your everyday life. You may wonder if it’s okay to seek help for such a trivial thing. But, if you have some problems, if you want to talk with someone, or even if you just feel tired, we'll be here for you. Drop by anytime.

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