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Introduction to Osaka University

Education and Research at Osaka University

"Ascertain the true essence of things and fly high in the world"Tekijuku

Education at Tekijuku, the historical root of OU -- Students engaged in active learning in a free academic atmosphere. They learned the basics in Dutch and expanded their knowledge and viewpoints. 

Education at Osaka University

Acquire the ability to ascertain the true essence of things

Osaka University exerts every possible effort to cultivate leaders who have an ability to ascertain the true essence of things, meet complicated and difficult challenges in the world, lead people to solutions as well as people who create new things and open the way to a bright future.

Broaden students' perspectives and develop cultural literacy based on their specialties combined with students' independent and active learning so they can make contributions to society girl

While developing specialties in education, Osaka University also puts its strength into cultivating students in general education at undergraduate schools and graduate schools in order to develop their varied and broad viewpoints.

Putting emphasis on students' active learning and having them set an agenda and achieve their goals, Osaka University is aggressively promoting education focusing on problem-solving learning, experience-based learning, group work, and discussion. class

Additionally, in order to develop students' global viewpoints and ability to understand different cultures and speak with people of the world, Osaka University strongly encourages students to study abroad and makes every effort to create an environment where both Japanese and international students can enhance each other's abilities.


Research at Osaka University

The progressive, unfettered academic atmosphere of Tekijuku Tekijuku

Tekijuku students had initiative and diversity. They engaged in academic inquiry in an unfettered atmosphere.

At Osaka University...

With the far-sighted unfettered spirit inherited from Tekijuku, forward-looking unique research continues to be conducted at Osaka University.

Osaka before OU was established

OGATA Koan promoted smallpox vaccination and measures against cholera. Tekijuku

Natural sciences such as astronomy and medicine developed in Osaka in the late "modern period."

  • ASADA Goryu (1734-1799)
  • NAKAI Riken (1732-1817), Kaitokudo student
  • NAKA Tenyu (1783-1835), Koan's teacher

In those days, the pharmaceutical industry flourished in Dosho-machi in Osaka. 

Osaka Imperial University

  • Supported medical care in Osaka origin
  • Promoted infectious disease research
  • Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (1934) (Research on viruses and vaccines)
  • Developed protein research from a nutritional perspective after the war

previous president First President Hantaro NAGAOKA -- the leader in quantum-mechanical research advocated the Saturnian model of the atom. Atom

Emphasized practical sciences in order to support industries

Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR) -- 1939

Professor Tsunesaburo ASADA -- Father of university-industry collaboration

Osaka University and the future

  • Cell fusion research
  • Cutting-edge medical care
  • Regeneration medicine and transplantation
  • Immunology
  • Drug discovery
  • Materials science
  • School of Engineering Science -- 1961, first in Japan
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Robotics robotics
  • Modern economics
  • School of Human Sciences -- 1972, first in Japan
  • Behavioral economics / Neuroeconomics
  • Photon science

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